Unlocking the Power of Connection: A Revolutionary Approach for SLPs and BCBAs

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  • Understand the foundational principles behind Joint Attention and why it's making waves in the autism community.
  • Master hands-on strategies to weave Joint Attention into your therapy sessions, ensuring every student feels seen, heard and understood
  • Craft functional goals with precision, ensuring every session is tailored to unlock potential and accelerate progress.

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For the past 20+ years, I've focused exclusively on autistic learners in both public schools and ABA clinics. The strategies I've developed along the way - the same ones I can't wait to introduce you in this masterclass - changed my students' lives.

Rose Griffin

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Ever wondered how some SLPs and BCBAs seamlessly connect with autistic students, creating an environment where both teacher and student thrive? The answer lies in the powerful strategy of Joint Attention.

Imagine having the confidence to walk into any session, equipped with strategies that not only engage your students but accelerate their learning. 

"The Power of Joint Attention" is a transformative webinar designed to help you: